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Ideal Portland - Community Connections

Community Engagement. Ensuring people of color are knowledgeable, informed, skilled, prepared, and have access to resources needed to succeed in the innovation economy. Convening & Events. Connecting people from traditionally disconnected communities around the innovation economy.

Ideal Portland believes that listening to and collaborating with minority innovators, entrepreneurs and investors are imperative for gaining trust and support. So we will actively extend, adapt or develop programs that connect, support and educate communities of color seeking inclusion in the innovation economy.

  • Bring unlikely groups of innovation entrepreneurs together to develop and learn from shared visions, plans, projects and outcomes
  • Serve as the hub connecting Portland’s minority innovation entrepreneurship community with relevant regional, national and international communities
  • Develop and maintain the Connectivity Digital Database to capture and report metrics, and to connect organizations in the ecosystem with one another
  • Engage with individual communities and groups to understand current entrepreneurship challenges

Community Engagement

  • Meeting with individuals and groups of entrepreneurs of color to understand challenges
  • Convening communities of color to create interest in innovation & entrepreneurship
  • Connecting interested participants to the ecosystem

Convening to move thinking, policy and capital toward realistic solutions

  • Bring together people from different communities to build relationship & shared vision
  • Partner to develop program content for existing events including communities of color
  • Collaborate to develop events featuring and/or supporting communities of color
  • Share the latest happenings in the innovation economy
  • Bring together influential decision-makers who put great ideas to work
  • Convene experts from multiple sectors, communities and viewpoints for highly focused interactions.
  • Build consensus around practical strategies to solve urgent challenges, from jumpstarting minority engagement in STEM education to creating new ways for communities of color to invest in high-growth entrepreneurship