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Ideal Portland designs, executes and funds programs that help build competitive, high growth, sustainable companies. Our work in this area includes consulting with minority startup entrepreneurs and business owners about management recruiting, operating procedures, program design, metrics system development and implementation, ethics and conflict of interest policies, and a host of related criteria crucial to entrepreneurial success. Our early efforts will:

  • Adapt and expand existing programs to include disconnected communities of color so they are connected to existing resources, relationships and programs.
  • Provide regional access to more and better deal flow and increased investment capital
  • Clearly articulate the multiple pathways individuals from communities of color can take to be successful innovation entrepreneurs and help plot courses and resources for successful outcomes. 

Ideal Portland
 builds on the America21 Project’s Urban Innovation Roundtable framework to develop a  Regional Entrepreneurship Action Plan (REAP) that leverages strengths of our entire community and is designed to reach communities of color from the start.