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Research, Policy, Advocacy


Ideal Portland will be the voice of change and inclusion for present and future minority innovators, high‐growth entrepreneurs and investors in the innovation economy. It will partner within the region to determine best practices, and inform actions taken by government to influence economic growth. It will establish clear criteria and track and report key metrics as measurements of progress and return on investment.

  • Research, document and communicate the challenges urban innovation entrepreneurs face while building high growth companies
  • Capture, monitor and report regional and national metrics, policies, and best practices to increase inclusive participation in Portland’s innovation economy
  • Advocate for participation and inclusion in existing entrepreneurship and financial capital ecosystems
  • Create, manage and report success by tracking metrics to ensure community investment and Ideal Portland efforts are productive and effective
  • Create the Annual Regional Scorecard ‐ reporting metrics on how the urban innovation economy is progressing and what Ideal Portland’s contributions have been


By identifying existing entrepreneurial support organizations and their processes for including communities of color, we can build collaboration among them to assess the region’s entrepreneurial strengths and opportunities for both connected and disconnected communities..

  1. Regional Assessment
    • Identify community resources available for STEM, Innovation, high growth entrepreneurship and access to capital
    • Quantify and identify entrepreneurs of color
    • Identify service gaps for communities of color in the local innovation ecosystem
  2. Annual Scorecard
    • Captures and reports inclusion metrics
    • Tracks and measures progress quarterly and annually
    • Reports on Ideal Portland’s annual economic impact and progress toward goals
    • Identifies ways to improve processes and programs
  3. Data Base and Metrics Tracking
    • Enters individuals and companies as aspirants and tracks progress through innovation ecosystem
    • Allows partners to enter, track and report related metrics
    • Provides transparency, allowing the  community to see results and assess progress
    • Provides real-time visibility to funders on the effectiveness of Ideal Portland programs